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Welcome to Band Camp Tbilisi

3 day fun event for adults.

The concept behind Band Camp Tbilisi is a simple one. Guitarist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi find it very hard to practice and jam with other like minded people. I am always being asked by students if they know of others that might be interested in getting together and play. However with family and work commitments its almost impossible for them to schedule a time to get together.

It was suggested that i organize a band camp so students and other guitarists to actually have a time and date to work to. After some discussion I felt the best plan was to host the band camp outside of the area so students would be able relax and enjoy without distractions. Tbilisi was chosen for its location and easy access from places like Dubai with regular FlyDubai flights.

Tbilisi is a wonderful city to visit rich in history and beauty and a strong musical culture. The temperature during the summer months also makes a welcome break from the heat of the Middle east. Hotel accommodation is very affordable with a decent hotel costing approx $500 for 3 nights. Dining out is very inexpensive and there is a wide selection of food and drink to choose from. And of course the Georgian wine!

The band Camp is held over 3 days normally from the Friday - Sunday. The cost per person is 850 AED. Flights and hotels are down to the students as some students like to extend there stay in the city. The cost includes airport pick up and also collection and drop of from your hotel each day. There is also a lunch included each day.

If this all sounds interesting to you then check out the video


Over the 3 days you will work with other musicians under the guidance of Geoff Sinker. You will work as a band learning a variety of popular classic hits. The event is held at Backstage a very popular music venue in the heart of Tbilisi. You will need to bring you own guitar or bass, if you would like to bring and effects pedals or processors then you are welcome to do so. Amplifiers and PA system is provided.

The camp is aimed at the beginner to intermediate level. If you can play standard major chords like C, D, E, G & F and the equivalent minor and 7 chords you will be fine. We are not looking for experts or seasoned veterans, we want the people who think they are not good enough but would like to have a go and play in a band.


Places are limited maximum number is 5 students. So do hand around in booking your place. Do not hesitate to contact me by email if you have questions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Next band camp is going to be in October 2017 final dates will be agreed with those wishing to attend.

We would love to see you in Tbilisi