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Once you learn the names of the strings you will use that knowledge all of the time when tuning the guitar and learning new songs.

Do note we are looking at what is known as standard Western Tuning. As you guitar playing advances you will be introduced to many new ways that a guitar can be tuned, which in turn will alter the note values that are listed below in the diagram.

If we use the thickest string of the guitar as a starting point, the names of the strings on the guitar would be E, A, D, G, B, and E. The thickest string, or low E string, is also referred to as the 6th string. The A string is the 5th string and so on. You will probably notice that the first and last strings are both E strings. The high E string, also called the 1st string, is just two octaves above the low E string.  Check out the video that goes along with this lesson and then get ready to learn how to tune your guitar in the next lesson.