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Rock School Dubai has a huge selection of free guitar lessons available, great for all levels of ability. Below you will find links to the ever growing library of online lessons for you to watch and learn.


ALearn all the basic skills needed to play the acoustic or electric guitar.

Playing Chords

DHow to play and change between chords so they always sound great.


GLearn how to make your strumming sound more creative and dynamic.


JDiscover the essential techniques for playing the electric or acoustic guitar.

Play That Riff

MLarge selection popular riffs from classic and modern guitar songs

The Blues

PDiscover one of the most important and influential styles for the guitar.

Lead Guitar

BLearn sweep picking, tapping, legato and many other lead techniques.

Playing Solos

EMaster the skills and techniques for playing creative and inspiring solos.

Scale Shapes

HLearn all the essential scale shapes and how to use them to play music.

Rhythm Guitar

KLearn the skills & techniques needed to be a world-class rhythm guitarist.

Fretboard Layout

NDiscover systems for visualizing and memorizing the guitar fretboard.

Classic Rock

QLearn how to play some of the most popular classic rocks hits ever written.

Top 40 Hits For Guitar

CA growing selection of top 40 UK/US chart hits for you to learn.

Guitar Chops

FHow to develop finger dexterity, speed, and accuracy while playing the guitar.

Songs For Beginners

IGreat selection of easy to play songs for beginners.

Reading Music

LHow to read standard notation and guitar TAB to open new possibilities.

Practice Tips

ODiscover how to maximize the value of the time you spend playing guitar.

Guitar Gear

RGet more out of your guitars, pedals, amps, and more with these gear tips.