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musicmanaxisFeatures: The Musicman Axis is made of a Basswood body with a bookmatched, figured maple top, with a cream colored binding. The neck is a 22 high profile, medium width frets maple neck and fretboard with 5-bolt neck joint. The guitar has 2 custom wound DiMarzio humbuckers. It has a Music Man Floyd Rose-licensed locking tremolo with fine tuners. The headstock has Schaller M6LA tuners with pearl buttons. It also has a single volume knob and 3 way selector switch. // 10

Sound: I've own too many guitars even for one lifetime, but this guitar was amazing. I mostly have owned RR models with Duncans in it; any guitar with Duncans has a very full tone and really is filling to the ear. This was my first guitar with Dimarzios, and its sound was so radically different in comparison. The sound is light and airy like paris hilton's personality, but sounds beautiful in my Peavey 5150. The guitar nails the Van Halen, Metallica, Vai, Satch and various other tones. Harmonics on this guitar jump off the fretboard board are so beautiful. The beauty of playing this guitar is that your tone is determined by your playing style and technique. How you play the guitar really shows. You can saturate the pickups with distortion and still the guitar retains such clarity to it. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was setup initially with 9's and with low action/ The neck is built for shredding and for counteracting the width of the fretboard. My guitar came in a beautiful transblue maple top with a birds eye maple neck. The guitar is pure eye candy. I love the look and feel of it. The Transblue guitar however is a little bright for my taste, but for the price it was a steal. I recently got it setup to half a step down from Standard with 10's and a D-tuna and now the guitar is perfect. I felt 9's were too thin for the tone I wanted and for my fingers to really feel comfortable on the neck. The neck despite being a Bolt-on has a sculpted joint for where the body meets the neck and fits so snugly and perfect that its really amazing to see. The guitar really in terms of quality is amazing. // 10

Reliability & Durability: The quality of this guitar is better than alot of Jackons, LTDs and in certain cases Gibsons I've played and owned. The guitar came with Ernie Ball strap locks which really hold on to the guitar when I play. I would definitely gig without a backup, this guitar is amazing and really the quality of it is amazing. The guitar seems Bullet proof and beautiful. // 10