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Want a more conveniant way to learn to play the guitar?

Online guitar lesson with the with one of the best online teachers available.

Online Guitar lessons allow the student to learn from the comfort of their own home. The student is more relaxed, focused and ready to learn. No more running around town fighting traffic to get from point A to point B and back home again. Online guitar lessons are working great for guitar students around the UAE. Online guitar lessons are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Our guitar lessons are custom fit to the students interests and goals.

I have been teaching online for a numbers of years. My online lessons run exactly the same as my one to one lesson in the classroom. You arrange an appointment and we meet up online at that time. The system is easy to use, even for people not so computer savvy. I teach at all levels including complite beginners. Take advantage of my 20 minute FREE trial lesson.

These Online guitar lessons are helping people of all ages learn to play. Students as young as 9 are accepted.  Guitar students learn to read music, understand and apply music theory, learn songwriting skills and advance your technique. Learn pop guitar, blues guitar, folk guitar, fingerpicking guitar, jazz guitar, funk guitar, metal, reggae, punk etc…  Kids guitar lessons, teens guitar lessons, adult guitar lessons and guitar lessons for seniors are offered. Trinity Rock & Pop grades for Guitar abd Bass can be studied with a full preperation prior to your exam.

Schedule Your Free Online Guitar Lesson

Scheduling your free guitar lesson has never been so easy!  Contact me either by either Contact  FormThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or using WhatsApp or FaceBook Messenger using the button on the bottom right hand side of your screen. I will respond quickly as I can, in many cases we can have your free trial lesson on the same day!


So why choose Online a session with me?

  • Study from home in relaxed and comfortable enviroment
  • Save time and money on your journey to my studio
  • Flexible scheduling means you can book lessons around your schedule
  • Detailed information on setting up your room for a skype session
  • Use of mutiple cameras so you can see exactly what i am demonstrating
  • Excellent audio so you can hear me and my guitar in high quality
  • Instruction on the use of Pedals and effects
  • 30 years of experience in teaching students of all ages & levels
  • This experience has taught me how to work with each individual student
  • Lessons geared to you specific requirements
  • Experiencd in teaching Rock, Blues & Jazz
  • Experienced in Recording Studios and Live gigs for 20 years
  • Fully qualified teacher and a friendly Instructor
  • Learn to play real songs and solos
  • Learn more than just a scales and a few chords
  • Guitar Grades available from Trinity College London

 If you are are looking to learn a specific topic or style then just let me know when you first contact me and your lesson can be run according to your wishes. I presently have students learning how to improve the music theory, others wanting to learn a favorite solo from a song ( That always keeps me on my toes). I have others  focusing on playing the Blues, while others are delving into the world of Jazz.

Remember its your time so don't be afraid to ask me a question or request that i teach you a certain song as part of the Online session. Of course some solos might be a little out of your reach depending on your current levels.

Bring Technolgy To The Classroom

I always try and bring in new and interesting ideas to the lessons to improve the quality of our sessions. I work with Guitar Pro 7 which allows me to show you the notation and tablature for either the song or the piece that we are working on. I have a huge collection of backing tracks that i have built up over the years so i will ensure that you have these to use ahead of the Online lesson. I find that this makes up for the fact we cannot jam together online, but you can demonstrate to me your prowess while you play along with these superb backing tracks.

Graded Exams

Please also remember just because we are using Online, and not in the same classroom that doesn't mean you can't take a curriculum and then be graded. I am working with students that are working through there grades, most popular are the Trinity Rock & Pop courses.

Once you are ready to sit your exam I will help you book your exam with the local center for your area.  So if you are looking to pass your guitar grades then drop me a line. Now of course, not everyone can learn via Skype, or Zoom. Due to the nature of distance learning a complete beginner might find it a challenge to learn online. A good barometer would be, if you can tune your Guitar and play a few chords . Oh, and of course the most important, a desire to learn, then we are good to go.

 Lets Get Started

So what are you waiting for click here for my contact page fill in your name and email address and get ready for your first guitar lesson from one of the top online guitar teachers out in the world of the internet.


Rates For Online Lessons

I offer a variety of packages for students allowing you to purchase the ideal package for your online learn. Lessons can be booked normally within 24 to 48 hrs notice. Some students choose to take lessons weekly and are on a scheduled roster each week. Other student book a lesson when they have some free time available. All lessons must be pre paid in advance and payment can be done through either PayPal or a local bank transfer. Here are the rates for single payment lessons.

Individual Lessons
  $35 For 30 Minute Online Guitar Lesson
  $45 For 30 Minute Online Guitar Lesson
 $55 For 30 Minute Online Guitar Lesson

I also offer discounted packages if you choose to pre pay for a series of lessons in groups of either 5 or 10

Here are the package rates

                       Package Deals

5 X 30 Minute Lesson - $160          SAVE $35

10 X 30 Minute Lesson - $350         SAVE $35

5 X One-Hour Lesson - $250          SAVE $25

10 X One-Hour Lesson - $500        SAVE $50

Package Deals are designed to be flexible, so you can book your Skype lesson within a 3 month period. So if life gets in the way for a few weeks you can catch up on your lesson a few weeks later. You are not charged for missing lessons ( as long as at least 24 hours notice is given), we will just reschedule for another time, within the 3 months. No refunds are given.